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Q: I have condensation between the glass in my window
A: Moisture has gotten inside your sealed unit and the only remedy is a replacement glass unit, which is far less expensive than replacing the complete window or door.
Q: When I close my window there is a gap and draft
A: There are 2 main reasons for this.
Either the locking mechanism may need adjusting/replacing or the hinges may need replacing.
Q: My door will not lock properly
A: Most commonly, just an adjustment is required.
But only if the door lock works when the door is in the open position.
Q: The handle on my window is turning, but the window does not open
A: This could be due to the handle is faulty, or the locking mechanism inside the window is broken, but both can be repaired, just ask us for a free quote.
Q: Do you give free estimates and advice over the phone?
A: Yes, if you can tell us about your double glazing problems, we can normally diagnose and supply you with a price over the phone. Same goes for other needed repairs.
Q: What guarantee do I receive?
A: 10 year backed guarantee insurance.

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